Seems cool - kind of like Model Mayhem with actual media interaction, interviews, etc. Combination of publication and social networking, pretty cool.

User deadrockinghorse

I really appreciate everything you guys are doing to help out the entire photog/model community. It’s a very unique website with a clean & minimal approach. I’ve been mentioning it to my friends :)

User JohnSLopez (Musician & Producer)

There is a lot of potential to FStop. A free to use peer to peer system for Photographers could be absolutely brilliant.

Digital Rev

So far, I think it’s a tool that’s perfect with today’s fast paced networking energy. It seems to have that aspect of urgency that people appreciate today.

User SGStyling

The App really stands out compared to other formats such as ModelMayhem, ProPhotoShoot.

User JohnSLopez

I think the app is pretty innovative and would love to see it take off. Truthfully I can’t think of anything else that would improve the app.

User chrisolivaphotos

The app is straight-forward and easy to use. I like the concept of your brand and the new strategies you are bringing to the table.

User Lani

I've already began to link up with one model that I found on the App! Thanks!

User SherwinThePhotographer

I like it, I think it’s a good tool to meet other people in the industry.

User morganmatchuny

I actually really like the app. I hope to build lasting networking relationships and maybe life long friendships.


It seems cool. I look forward to it having a larger customer base in Seattle, as well as trying it out when I go down to LA next.

User Foxorz

I think it’s a great start and a novel idea.

User DrakeMurray

I like that you are trying to do something a little bit different in a world that has seen quite a few models/photographers come and go.

User sqwalden

I think the concept is brilliant. I can see myself using it a lot.

User Ghostfoto

I am hoping it builds quickly as it has a lot of promise for instant collaboration.

User mweckphoto

So far so good. I look forward to seeing it grow a bit in terms of audience so it can become a more useful tool for me as I really like the idea behind it.

User Mariusbudu

Amazing, I’m a totally random person in finding models for my photoshootings and this is a GOLD idea for me.

User andreionescu

[FStop's] difference is it brings the elements together in a much simpler interface that helps keep the focus on getting photoshoots scheduled.

Digital Trends

[FStop's] off to a great start, and I can definitely see the potential.

Resource Magazine

The advantage [with FStop], and the only real difference over the existing options, is the speed at which you can sift through them and the focus on mobile use rather than the desktop.

DIY Photography

One interesting aspect of the app is that it has its own integrated payment system that uses verifications to help take some of the sketchiness out of paying a model or photographer for his or her services.

Popular Photography

I like it. I think it's a great way for artists to network and be inspired.


There are a few services out there that help connect photographers with models. But few are as simple or secure as FStop, a new app inspired by Tinder.

Gannon Burgett, Digital Trends

Hi Mick - looks like a clean slick site. Impressed so far - used to use ModelMayhem but it lost its way. Best of luck with it all. Max

User Maxitown